We would love to hear from you!

  • Send us copies of newspaper cuttings and links, of male sexual violence, abuse and harrassment.
  • Share with us your fears, experiences and ideas.
  • Or even if you would like to write a piece for this blog.

For all submissions – please use the ‘Comments‘ link (below) to this post, and we will email you back.

A final note: This Blog does not accept Anonymous comments, so you need to create an ID at Blogger in order to comment or contribute. We apologise for the inconvenience, but Anonotrolls are too much of a pest in the feminist blogosphere.


2 Responses to “Contributions”

  1. Hi –

    I posted this comment yesterday but do not yet see it displayed. I apologize if I this submitted twice…

    I’m running a blog documenting a U.N. book on gender-based violence (i.e. domestic violence, rape, child abuse, female genital mutilation, etc.)…

    Also, running another one very similar to this one which you might wish to use for material…


  2. Faith
    Yes sorry, it was in the queue, but have been busy the last few days.

    *Admin note*
    Comments left here normally do NOT get published.

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