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A young woman exhausted with fighting the system that is there to protect us. I am pleased this survivor has the courage and strength to write a book about her ordeal so that other rape victims “have something to relate to”. One brave and gutsy young woman. Advertisements

A woman was raped by two men in a camper van in Penrith, Cumbria. The way in which the local paper is reporting this trial, indicates how unfair rape trials are still.

Over at the Den of the Biting Beaver, read BB’s account of the soul-destroying reality of survivors of childhood rape, in her post Firewalking.

Welcome to new “Agent”WLNow, who has written this moving piece: As I sit in the library now, I’m watching a group of men huddle around a computer, clearly looking at pornographic pics. Remarks alternate between “she’s so young!” and “she’s an ugly bitch—could be my grandmother.” I have also heard them say “look at that […]

“Agent Witchy-Woo‘s” recent submission about the two teenage boys assaulting the 21yo woman got me thinking. There seem to be more and more teenage boys committing rape and sexual assault, although most of the time, it is on young(er) girls. Of course these teen rapes have happened in the past, but they seem to becoming […]

A deputy headteacher who had sex with two vulnerable teenage pupils after posing as their mentor was yesterday jailed for five years and three months. Stephen Brenchley, “targeted and groomed” the girls, the youngest of whom was 13, during a time when both were having problems at home, Norwich crown court heard.

This story just goes from bad to worse… Tony Ardener, 26, from Orton Goldhay, Cambridgeshire, sent around 132 text messages, many of a sexual/suggestive nature, to a local schoolgirl (unnamed).

How should the justice system deal with sex offenders? Longer sentences perhaps? Nah, Old Bailey Judge Jeremy Roberts seems to have come up with the ultimate deterrent to sexual assault – have the perpetrator write a letter of apology to the victim!! Certainly, all rapists will look at this ruling as a … FUCKING GREEN […]

From “Agent Witchy-Woo” this report of a 21yo woman sexually assaulted by two teenage boys whilst she was waiting to meet a friend. **UPDATE: We apologise, this link has moved** 

A poll has found one third of people think a woman is at least partly to blame for being raped if she is flirtatious, and a quarter if she is drunk or wears revealing clothing.* This is not a new article as it was published on the BBC website in November of last year. Lets […]