Deputy head jailed after sex with pupils


A deputy headteacher who had sex with two vulnerable teenage pupils after posing as their mentor was yesterday jailed for five years and three months. Stephen Brenchley, “targeted and groomed” the girls, the youngest of whom was 13, during a time when both were having problems at home, Norwich crown court heard.

The teacher had sex with a 15-year-old at a Suffolk school in the 1980s but escaped detection until he had a relationship with the second girl after moving to Costessey high school near Norwich between 2002 and 2005 while he was a deputy headteacher.

Brenchley, 48, a father of three, was described in court as a “dangerous and corrupting influence”. He offered to show the 13-year-old “how to have sex properly” after she told him she was thinking of sleeping with a boy, the court heard. A police investigation only began when the pair split, the court heard.

Katharine Moore, prosecuting, said the girl had described herself as “troublesome and attention seeking” and that Brenchley had become her mentor. Ms Moore said the girl was 13 when the pair first attempted to have sexual intercourse. They did not have sex on that occasion, but went on to have sex once or twice a week. Ms Moore said the girl had ended the relationship when she was in the sixth form.

The girl and Brenchley initially denied their relationship. But he was rearrested when the girl’s father found a letter from him to his daughter. The letter implored the girl not to cooperate with the police.

Brenchley admitted five sex offences against the girls during an earlier hearing. He admitted having sex with a girl between 2002 and 2005 and indecently assaulting a girl between 1984 and 1986.”

Article from The Guardian Tuesday 15 August, 2006

What comes first the teacher or the paedophile? Does tutoring nubile pre-pubescent girls turn an adult male’s sexual preference from grown consenting women to easily manipulated vulnerable young girls. Girls who are growing up in a pornography-saturated environment, who are identifying from an alarmingly early age that to be born female equals pleasuring men by the male standard. Alternatively, do tutoring nubile pre-pubescent girls attract these men to be given a sanctioned opportunity to abuse vulnerable “Barely legal teens” or maybe even these “Teen Sluts” which seem to be fair fodder for the ever-worshiped male sexual privilege?


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