Yet another “sex text pest”


This story just goes from bad to worse…

Tony Ardener, 26, from Orton Goldhay, Cambridgeshire, sent around 132 text messages, many of a sexual/suggestive nature, to a local schoolgirl (unnamed).

He was a primary school teacher, and the schoolgirl was 12 years old. She was bombarded with the text messages over the Christmas-New Year period of 2004.

Earlier this year, Ardener was found guilty and sentenced to four years and three years on two charges, to be served concurrently. Read more here.

Hugh Vass (aka Jackass Vass?), Ardener’s defence counsel, gives such pearls of wisdom as “(Ardener)…paying the price for one week of madness” and “…was a fool, but not a paedophile.”

Last week, Ardener’s sentence was reduced down to two years. Read more here.

Where Lord Justice Gage says “The sentence … longer than it ought to have been for this appellant, a young man of good character, in which the activity was carried out over a limited period of time.”

So, Justice Gage, a crime is ok if it is a quickie? I’ll remember to look you up if I ever go into bank robbery.

At least, according to other reports, Ardener will not be able to teach again. It’s a pity they didn’t ban him from owning a mobile as well.


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