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Jennifer (Truth About Rape Campaign) gives her analysis of the recent case of a ‘Mr Nice Guy‘ who was in reality, a despicable teen predator. He was only caught through an investigation of theft. Advertisements

Jennifer (Truth About Rape Campaign) gives her views on the sentencing that was increased by the Appeal Court. Please first read the article “Rape judge slammed for leniency” from the BBC website.

From ‘Liberation’ newspaper, Wednesday 13th September 2006, and Seven members of the parisian riot police (CRS) are facing sentences of up to twenty years imprisonment for the rape of three eastern european prostitutes in April 2003. Three of the men admitted to the rapes during an internal police inquiry and are charged with aggravated […]

Events in Sussex last year in which Jane Longhurst tragically and horrifically threw the spotlight on another form of extreme material on the internet — violent pornography in which children and women are depicted as the victims of rape, torture and asphyxiation. There has been remarkable progress in a comparatively short period, as politicians and […]

An essay by Jennifer (Truth About Rape Campaign) on why verbal coercion IS rape.

Jennifer (Truth About Rape Campaign) gives an insight and analysis on the reporting of an horrific attack on a female walker in Scotland, and the coverage of the trial of the self-confessed woman-hating male perpetrator. From The New Scotsman, 9 Sep 2006 (reprinted below in its entirety for reference). JUSTICE IN THE DOCK FOLLOWING ATTACK […]

Article from the Metro, 08 Sep 2006: PEEPING TOM STUDENT IS SPARED JAIL A student who secretly filmed women bathing and showing was spared a jail term yesterday.

Article from the Metro, online, 07 Sep 2006: Twin brothers and an accomplice have been arrested Wisconsin, America after they tried to dig up a girl’s corpse and have sex with it. Police received an anonymous tip-off that the three men were on their way to the cemetary to dig up a grave in rural […]

An article from the States regarding the media coverage of sexual crimes, particularly those against children. The article is titled How the media exploits sexual crimes, and is by Lucinda Marshall, a feminist activist and journalist, who has written extensively on the subject in general.