Peeping tom student is spared jail


Article from the Metro, 08 Sep 2006:

A student who secretly filmed women bathing and showing was spared a jail term yesterday.

Charles Greaves, 19, hid a digital camera in a show gel bottle in the showers at his hall of residence, at the University of North Wales in Bangor. When this failed to record clear footage, he moved it to the side of a bath, complete with a note saying the showers were out of order and students should take baths instead. When police seized his laptop, they found nude images of three of Greaves’s fellow students. All three were said to be ‘hurt’ by the discovery. Greaves was given a nine-month suspended sentence by a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court.”

All three women were said to be ‘hurt’ by the discovery. Since when are women ‘hurt’ by seeing such images? Having the term ‘hurt’ in inverted commas clearly trivialises the crime of voyeurism which Greaves was found guilty of committing against these women. These women were not ‘hurt’ which implies they were just ‘upset’, but rather their rights to privacy and bodily intregity were invaded by a man who deliberately installed a camera for his own sexual gratification. Would the Metro print the term ‘hurt’ if it was discovered images of a man’s penis had been photographed without his permission? I very much doubt it.

Jennifer, Truth About Rape Campaign

Postscript by Stormcloud: Read more on the BBC website. At least the BBC omitted the s around hurt.


One Response to “Peeping tom student is spared jail”

  1. (from the BBC article):
    “When interviewed by the police, he said it must have been him who was responsible for taking the photos, but said he had no recollection of arranging to have them taken.”

    A pervert with a ‘selective memory’.

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