Women are never safe from rape


Article from the Metro, online, 07 Sep 2006:

Twin brothers and an accomplice have been arrested Wisconsin, America after they tried to dig up a girl’s corpse and have sex with it.

Police received an anonymous tip-off that the three men were on their way to the cemetary to dig up a grave in rural southwestern Wisconsin.

Nicholas Grunke had openly lusted after Laura Tennesen – who died in a motorbike accident last month – when he spotted her picture in the obituary column of a local newspaper.

Three days later, on Tuesday, twins Nicholas and Alexander Grunke, 20, and Dustin Radke, 20, were charged in Grant County with attempted theft — and attempting to have sex with a corpse.

‘In different schools that teach you about bizarre behavior, necrophilia is one of those things that you hear about, but never think you’ll have to deal with,’ Grant County Sheriff Keith Grovier told reporters.

A Cassville police officer arrived at the St. Charles Cemetery on Saturday night after a neighbor alerted police to suspicious activity, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday.

The officer found an abandoned vehicle parked near the cemetery. Minutes later, the complaint stated, the officer saw Alexander Grunke walking toward the vehicle, dressed in black and sweating profusely.

After being questioned, Grunke told the officer his brother and Radke were trying to dig up a grave, according to the complaint.

The two drove into the cemetery to find the partially dug grave of the 20-year-old Ms Tennesen.

The diggers had only managed to reach the top of the grave’s concrete vault.

The complaint said Radke told police that Nicholas Grunke had asked him to help dig up the Cassville woman’s body and take it to Grunke’s house, so that Grunke could have sex with it.

On the way to the cemetery, Radke said, they stopped by a Dodgeville Wal-Mart to buy condoms ‘because Nick wanted to use them when he had sex with a corpse,’ the complaint added.

Grovier said the three did not know the woman.”

Firstly the young men who are charged with breaking into a cemetary in order to dig up a young woman’s grave, remove her corpse and then ‘have sex with her’ is not true. In reality these men were planning group rape. The young woman had died in a motorcycle accident a few days previously and when these men saw the picture of the dead woman they decided to commit rape against her body. I always thought ‘having sex’ translated into both parties consenting and since when can a woman who has recently died ‘consent’ to having her body violated by three arrogant males. It would seem that no woman alive or dead is safe from men thinking they are entitled to commit rape.

Jennifer, Truth About Rape Campaign


11 Responses to “Women are never safe from rape”

  1. I have to agree with Jennifer, the correct title of this article in the Metro should be:
    “Three attempt to gang-rape corpse”

    What is even more disturbing than the events, or the article’s inaccuracies, are the comments by the Metro readers – here are a few ‘choice’ ones:

    “It wouldn’t have been so bad if she was still a little warm at least…..”

    “I think I’ve slept with a few corpses in my time. Those birds from Yate are often lifeless.”

    “It’s a question of preference, some people like their meat cold…”

    “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a corpse. I might have to try it one day, but I’ll make sure I don’t get caught like these two.”

    “Was she fit?”

    “i can understand it if the woman was attractive.”

    It is quite obvious that these men have a rapist mentality. You will be ‘comforted’ to know that these sick freaks live near you, the majority are in the UK.

  2. sick freaks….lost for words

  3. I have read the 27 comments, and I feel sick.

  4. It’s called “sick humor.” I’m female, and I snickered at the comments.

  5. reginleif, if you are indeed a woman (which is doubtful), then you are a masochist.

    Jokes about rape (including necrophiliac rape), in the climate of a rape culture where one woman in four (25%) will be raped, are NOT funny on any level.

    The chances of being raped for a woman are far greater than getting breast cancer or getting killed in a car crash combined.

    And if you still think it’s *really* funny, then imagine it is YOUR body (dead or alive) that these sick freaks are *joking* about. Still funny is it?

    These *jokers* have a rapist mentality – to them it matters not whether a woman is dead or alive, because a rapist does not consider ANY woman as an equal human being, merely as an object to be used and discarded at will. And if you are a woman, YOU are included in this group, THEY are *joking* about you too.

  6. I totally agree with Trollbuster.
    Sick; yes.
    Humour; no.

    Reginleif, how does it feel to be complicit in your own demise and oppression?

  7. Well I still prefer warm meat. The cold ones just give me the chills. Gosh don’t the soul of this pretty lady haunts them?
    They are either sick or desperate.
    I guess these three men are still virgins and hadn’t had a chance with any life gal. What a loser!

  8. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Melvin
    Are you trolling, or are you seriously trying to be pro-woman here?

    It is NEVER appropriate to refer to women as ‘meat’, nor as a sexual commodity.

  10. Reginleif
    Regarding your (deleted) comments to Stormcloud, calling her:
    “humourless feminazi” and “stupid cunt”

    Is not only inaccurate and an ineffective way of getting your views across, it did not even have the intended effect (of shock, horror or offence).

    But it did give us all here at UMSR a damn good belly laugh – Stormcloud as humourless! Next you’ll be telling us that bears don’t shit in the woods.

    For the readers of this blog who have been so *sadly* deprived of Reginleif’s comments, s/he also said that s/he was Jewish and made Holocaust jokes. Stormy tells me her best friend is a Jew, and that she has never known any Jew making holocaust jokes.

    Trollbuster also notes that women don’t refer to other women as ‘stupid cunts’, that is a male priviledge. Therefore Trollbuster’s initial assessment of Reginleif as male was correct.

    And take out your Kleenex with Reginleif’s parting words:
    “Thank you for reminding me why I no longer call myself a ‘feminist’.”

    Baby, you weren’t even on the first page of Feminism-101.


  11. Necrophilia as gang rape? sounds about right to me. Melvin Lee had a good point, though. Studies ( I am big on studies) show that the two qualities universal amongst convicted necrophiliacs is extremely poor social skills and a fear of female rejection. I say female because most necrophiliacs, in modern times, are male and heterosexual.

    As for humour, well, that’s some peoples’ way of dealing with a provocative subject. “Gallow’s humour”, I believe they call it. Some of the jokes were pretty sick.

    As for objectification, I have to say, of course women are objectified. I don’t mean to defend the practice. Far from it. Jews were objectified when they were being placed on cattle cars and driven off to the camps. African-Americans were objectified by slavery. Soldiers are legally objectified when ordered into battle. Workers are objectified by their bosses. Objectification is the psychodynamic process by which one class, about to misuse or exploit another class, erases its’ own natural guilt and empathy.

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