Sexual Predator ‘led double life’


Jennifer (Truth About Rape Campaign) gives her analysis of the recent case of a ‘Mr Nice Guy‘ who was in reality, a despicable teen predator. He was only caught through an investigation of theft.

Anthony De Boise a 58 year old Wandsworth Council Planning Officer, married for 30 years was convicted of raping at least six young women between 1989 and 1996. De Boise had deliberately disguised himself as a tramp in order to seek out young women at various beauty spots, Southwark Crown Court were told.

De Boise’s defence barrister attempted to mitigate De Boise’s litany of rape and sexual abuse against these young women by suggesting that a change of diabetes medication might be partly to blame, as well as work pressure!! The barrister went on ‘how else do you explain such behaviour for a man married for 30 years who has an exemplary working record and is very hardworking’. So the real perpetrators were (apparently) ‘work pressure and because De Boise was given a different diabetes medication’. This was a poor attempt at deflecting De Boise’s actions and excusing his actions. In reality, De Boise is a clever, calculating and manipulative man who made a decision to seek out young women and sexually abuse them.

Rape survivors however are not so fortunate, they are not allowed to present character testimony in respect of their ‘respectability’. Instead they are blamed and held partially or totally responsible for a man/men raping them. Defence counsel too, routinely minutely question them about their sexual histories (despite a change in the law restricting such questions, medical records, any mental illnesses or problems they might have experienced and whether they have had an abortion, are single mothers etc. All in order to discredit the survivor as a non-credible witness. Fortunately in this case De Boise admitted raping these young women.

These rape survivors were also portrayed in my opinion as pathologised ‘victims’. Yes, the prosecution had to show how they were affected after being subjected to sexually degrading sexual abuse by De Boise. No, these survivors will not remain ‘victims’. Yes, all these young women no longer trust any man and in fact there is no reason why they should. Yes, these survivors’ lives have been radically changed but survivors do recover and no they are not the same women before De Boise sexually abused them. They will have changed, that is inevitable. The real tragedy is that men’s sexual violence against women does have a long-term impact on both rape survivors and their families. Perhaps one of the reasons why one of the survivor’s family was placed on medication was because there is an ever-increasing shortage of rape crisis centres in the UK, plus a chronic shortage of expert counselling services which are well-funded and easily within the financial means of families. Instead, rape survivors and their families will continue to be left to deal with the long-term effects by themselves. Men’s sexual violence does have far reaching effects both on the survivor and her ability to lead what is termed a ‘normal life’ and also secondary effects on her friends and families. That is the real and continuing tragedy not the defence’s claim that a so-called ‘respectable man’ married for 30 years, was adversely affected by work pressure and a change in his medication.

De Boise made a choice to rape women and rightly has been found guilty.


3 Responses to “Sexual Predator ‘led double life’”

  1. De Boise’s defense may have used the ‘respectable married man’ defence, but I have heard similar summations by Judges in rape cases, to the effect of ‘healthy sexual urges’ and the same ‘respectable married man’. This perpetuates the myth that sexual predators are deviant and ‘different’ from ‘regular guys’, when in reality, they are not – they are REGULAR GUYS.

    In this case it is surprising the lengths that this predator went to, to ensnare his victims. This exposes another myth, that sexual assaults and rapes happen spontaneously, as the result of ‘uncontrollable urges’ and other such nonsense. Most attacks do have forethought and planning. After all, the perpetrator knows what he is doing is illegal, and he doesn’t want to get caught.

  2. 2 ace

    A man accused of snatching a six-year-old girl from her bath and raping her wrote in his diary on the day of the attack: “Phew, it’s over, chill now,” a court heard today. see,,1886684,00.html and
    US killer in sex abuse confession

  3. Just to clarify Ace’s URLs, as blogger seems to cut them off in this window (so I’ve dropped the http://www.):,,1886684,00.html

    From the latter story, a quote:
    “Police said it was possible his attack on the girls was sexually motivated.”
    (my bold)

    With police brain power like this, no wonder crime is rampant. (no shit, sherlock)

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