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Today is Samhain. Heart has declared this a day of remembrance for all women who have been murdered, tortured, or persecuted, simply for being women. The charge against these women was Witchcraft. Little proof was ever needed to ‘prove’ the charge of witchcraft, and countless tens of thousands of women (and a few men) were […]

This is such an appropriate first post for this blog now that it has moved to Wordpress. Thanks to Laura (and Sparkle) via the F-Word blog. Someone suggested the author may be Flea, however, I have checked the archives back to 01 Sep 2005 and cannot find it. It is also similar to a post that […]

Welcome to A Speakout on Male Violence, which has now moved over to its new home at WordPress. All of the old posts and comments have been moved over, and comments have now been closed at the old site.

In a thread discussing the recent school shooting of 10 Amish schoolgirls, Heart at Women’s Space/The Margins has written a brilliant comment regarding the war of terror on women. I don’t think men have to be conscious, intentional misogynists in order to terrorize women. In fact, I think there are very few Marc Lepines– men […]

So you don’t believe me? Check out Amananta’s latest post on her blog “How long before they admit it“. It is a brilliant post cataloguing just one month’s crimes against women – and these were just the ‘newsworthy’ ones. Of my favourite comments so far, from angryandqueer, was: “You know, one aspect of this that […]