The war against women


So you don’t believe me?

Check out Amananta’s latest post on her blog “How long before they admit it“. It is a brilliant post cataloguing just one month’s crimes against women – and these were just the ‘newsworthy’ ones.

Of my favourite comments so far, from angryandqueer, was:

“You know, one aspect of this that troubles me is the way so many woman-killers or girl-killers so easily substitute one female for another. Only by this logic can a man exact “revenge” against his ex-wife by shooting a bunch of other females who are completely unconnected to his life. And the sad thing is that this logic is innately understood by people who hear or talk about these events without ever being questioned.”


One Response to “The war against women”

  1. 1 Andrew

    Thank you for posting this. I wish I had the answer to why; I still feel that we haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. Basically, everything you are saying is true, but we fall short of an adequate explanation. But neither do we need one. IF I, as a man, claim to care, which I do claim, you have no reason to believe me, based on the fact that I am a man. It is up to me to take action not just talk about how much I care. Let me encourage you to not ever quit speaking out; you may reach even one, as I was reached. I hope I have been reached; still, it does me good to be reminded of the reality of women’s lives, as there is a tremendous amount of coercion against men to buy the party line.

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