The war of terror against women


In a thread discussing the recent school shooting of 10 Amish schoolgirls, Heart at Women’s Space/The Margins has written a brilliant comment regarding the war of terror on women.

I don’t think men have to be conscious, intentional misogynists in order to terrorize women. In fact, I think there are very few Marc Lepines– men who consciously, intentionally hate women and decide to terrorize them.

When someone is robbing a certain neighborhood, he is terrorizing the neighborhood. That might not be his purpose or his intent– he might just want to rob people. But the effect of what he does is terrorism because before, people in the neighborhood weren’t scared all the time, looking behind them, listening for every noise but now they are.

I think when men murder women, rape women, incest them, that is terrorism in a similar way. If you asked them, they would tell you about all the women they treat well and care for, and that the only reason they murdered their wife or these women or raped them or whatever was because of (some reason that makes sense to them). Not because they hate women. But the terrorizing in and of itself evidences the hatred, regardless of what the guy says his intention is, in the same way that, for example, someone who uses racist hate speech or engages in racist actions evidences his racism, even if he tells you he’s not a racist because after all, he was nice to his maid and the doorman and the janitor. However nice he might have been to these people, his racist acts would still be terrorism against the race he was targeting, would still have the same effects, would still serve the purpose of shoring up his power as a white man, would still benefit all white men.

Same thing with sexual terrorism. It doesn’t matter if a rapist or murderer was nice to his mom, his wife and his kids. His raping and murdering still terrorizes women and evidences his misogyny. It doesn’t matter what the Amish murderer says about God, his fantasies, vengeance, molesting relatives, none of it. It is irrelevant that he entered an Amish schoolhouse. He did that because it was easy; these little girls were sitting ducks. His father served the Amish in his business; this guy knew the Amish were pacifists and would not resist him.

He entered that school with a long board with 10 eyehole screws screwed into it, and with cords. He held 10 girls hostage. The eyehole screws were 10 inches apart, just the right amount of space to tie the hands of 10 little girls to each eyehole screw after he’d pounded the board into the wall (he brought plenty of tools), and then sexually assault all of them. His plans were foiled when police approached and told him to put down the gun. He panicked and started shooting.

But this was a predatory, murdering, terrorist. It doesn’t matter what he said about anything. It matters what he DID. It’s what he did that made him a sexual terrorist and a hater of women.



5 Responses to “The war of terror against women”

  1. Hi –

    I’m running a blog documenting a U.N. book on gender-based violence (i.e. domestic violence, rape, child abuse, female genital mutilation, etc.)…

    I also have another one very similar to this one. You might like to use it for material…


  2. I want to give you this link to an article in today’s Seattle Times, I’m not sure how to email you so I’ll post the link here and hopefully you can move it to where it should go.

  3. this is a very good blog write something on mine it’s why do people cheat ok bye.

  4. 4 Miss Andry

    All men need to be taught that violence against women is wrong and if we need to hurt them to make the message sink in then that is acceptable.

  5. 5 Andrew

    Ditto to Miss Andry.

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