The continuing holocaust of women


Today is Samhain. Heart has declared this a day of remembrance for all women who have been murdered, tortured, or persecuted, simply for being women. The charge against these women was Witchcraft. Little proof was ever needed to ‘prove’ the charge of witchcraft, and countless tens of thousands of women (and a few men) were executed. Prior to their execution, many suffered various forms of torture in order for them to ‘confess’ their ‘guilt’.

Many of these women were village healers, midwifes and wise women, and many held positions of respect within their local communities. With the expansion of the male-dominated Christian church, these women were a ‘threat’ to the takeover of the Christian Church. The Church decided that the best way to eliminate this threat, was to eliminate the women themselves, and by the most horrific means possible.

The accusations of witchcraft is not some historic event that happened hundreds of years ago, it still goes on today. Nor is it just confined to developing nations. The last woman tried as a witch in the UK was in 1944. It was the trial of Helen Duncan, thankfully she was not executed, but was found guilty and sentenced to nine months in prison. She was continually harrassed by the authorities, and this likely contributed to her death.

Men’s continual quest for power and domination leaves no woman safe. In peacetime, or wartime, women must always fear men – allies or enemies – we never know who will rape, torture, or murder us next.

Men must speakout against male violence against women (and children). It is not just ‘a woman’s problem’, it affects all of us. Only men can stop rape, murder, and violence towards women. Justice for women in men’s courts, believing us when we say we have been raped or abused in our homes, convicting rapists and abusers, are all things that need urgent redress.

For women, the witchtrials never ended. We still live in fear of men.

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One Response to “The continuing holocaust of women”

  1. 1 Miss Andry

    Damn the Christian church, damn them to hell. They deny the divine feminine aspect of religion that more moderate religions like Taoism, Buddism and even Islam celebrate. No wonder they are against the ordination of women.

    Should we ban Halloween because it encourages these unhealthy attitudes toward women? YES!!! Don’t let the next generation of women suffer as countless before have. Teach our daughters to fight back and emasculate our sons before they can be brainwashed by the mysoginist hegemony.

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