Guatemala hundreds of women raped, tortured and murdered


I have been running a short series on the hundreds of women sexually tortured, mutilated and murdered in Guatemala. I have decided to post the story of Manuela Sac Haz on to ‘A speak out of male violence’ instead of my personal blog.

*Warning triggering content*

In Guatemala an average of 10 women are being brutally murdered every single week. Many are raped, mutilated and tortured before they die – sometimes for prolonged periods. Yet the authorities are failing to investigate these murders. As a result, the murders continue to kill with impunity.

 Manuela Sac Haz was 19 years old when she took the job of nanny to 10-month old Anthony Roldan. Anthony’s mother came home one day to find Manuela’s body on the floor in a pool of blood. The little boy was propped up in his high chair, his breakfast still on the table in front of him.

Both he and his nanny had been beheaded. Manuela had been raped and mutilated. Her breasts and lips had been cut off, and her legs slashed. Manuela’s bloodstained clothing was found in the house of a policeman who lived nearby. Nevertheless, the authorities have failed to act.

The family have seen the policeman in the neighbourhood several times since the killings. “He laughs in our faces,” they say. What they ask for is justice, but what can they do if they cannot rely on the support of the law.

The Guatemalan authorities are consistently failing to investigate crimes against women.

It is time for the Guatemalan authorities to face up to the evidence.

*source amnesty International*


8 Responses to “Guatemala hundreds of women raped, tortured and murdered”

  1. 1 polly

    After reading this my own abduction at gunpoint and gang rape in Belize feels like i got let off lightly

  2. Thank you for your comment to the Speakout on Male Violence blog.

    I am sorry to hear of your experience, it must have been terrifying. It was perhaps a ‘lucky’ escape’ rather than ‘getting off lightly’.

    If it does not cause you too much distress, would you like to write about your ordeal in Belize?

  3. Thank you Polly

  4. 4 Miss Andry

    If it was a man I bet the killers would be in custody now. When will we learn that the majority of men are mysoginist scum?

  5. It seems that any general civil unrest, or situation of lawlessness, causes men to go on raping rampages. This does not reflect well on men – how can they even be considered human with such a love of rape and torture?

    Men who disapprove of these actions should be speaking out against their ‘brothers’.

  6. 6 nordy3

    As Germaine Greer wrote, “Women seldom realize how much men hate them.”

  7. Reblogged this on iheariseeilearn and commented:
    Horrendous for women of Guatemala.

  8. Worldwide, it is now 2013 and these atrocities against women and girls still ocurring. Gender violence.

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