Chess star told police of rape


Crown Prosecutor Dorian Lovell-Pank when detailing the events of the first time Ian Gilbert allegedly raped his daughter, Jessie Gilbert, said ‘she did not consent.  She was scared.  She pretended it wasn’t happening.’   Ian Gilbert is alleged to have raped and sexually abused Jessie Gilbert for five years.  Gilbert allegedly first raped Jessie when she was only 8 years old and it is also alleged Gilbert systematically raped and sexually abused Jessie until she was 13 years old.

Jessie Gilbert, committed suicide at age of 19
Jessie Gilbert (19) committed suicide this year

The BBC (07 Nov 2006):


A chess champion told police how her father would put his hand over her mouth and rape her, a court has heard.

Two years after the recorded interview Jessie Gilbert, 19, from Croydon, south London, fell to her death from a hotel window in the Czech Republic.

Guildford Crown Court was played the interview and also heard that a failed suicide bid by Jessie in 2004 led to a police inquiry and her father’s arrest.

Ian Gilbert denies five counts of rape between 1995 and 2000.

Chess tournament

During the police interview Jessie described how her father would “get too close” and “would be a bit touchy”.

Jessie said that the first rape had taken place when she was eight, at her home in Woldingham, Surrey.

She recalled being raped on a holiday in Cornwall.

“I was asleep and he sat on my bed and I woke up. He did not say anything. “He put his hand over my mouth then he took off my pyjamas and raped me.” Jessie said her father raped her over the next five years until she was about 13.

Earlier jurors heard how Jessie was taking part in the Czech Open tournament when she died in July.

Dorian Lovell-Pank QC, prosecuting, told jurors how Jessie got “very drunk” with friends in May 2004 and told them her father had raped and sexually abused her.
The next day, she took an overdose, but survived.

Possessive bully

The prosecutor told the jury: “It rather looks as though it was a real suicide attempt because she had hidden the packet (of drugs) so no-one would find it, and would not tell the hospital staff what she had taken.” He said Gilbert was “possessive” and “a bully”.

Mr Lovell-Pank said: “She did not consent. She was scared. She pretended it wasn’t happening,” he said.

The court heard Mr Gilbert was arrested three times, the last occasion in May 2005 when he said in a police interview about Jessie: “Obviously someone who could play chess at that sort of level is able to create all sorts of scenarios in her mind.”

Mr Gilbert, 48, a director at the Royal Bank of Scotland, denies five counts of raping Jessie between 1995 and 2000.

Ian Gilbert is on trial for the alleged rapes and systematic sexual abuse of his daughter, Jessie, which first occurred when she was eight years ol and continued for the next five years, until Jessie was 13.   So why did Prosecutor Lovell-Pank state that Jessie ‘did not consent,’ when this is clearly not the issue. 

Under the Sexual Offences Act, 2000 children under the age of 13 are presumed incapable of giving informed consent.  This age was agreed in order to protect young children from allegations that they acted in a sexually provocative manner or were seductive towards an abuser.   

Consent or non-consent is NOT THE ISSUE, rather it is whether or not Ian Gilbert is guilty of systematically raping and sexually abusing his daughter over a period of five years from the time she was eight until she reached 13 years of age.   

Lovell-Pank in claiming that Jessie had the power and ability when she was only eight years old of resisting her adult and more powerful father once again feeds into the still embedded myth that many female children act in a sexually provocative and/or seductive manner towards adult males.  

Claims have been made in past child sexual abuse cases that a female child had acted in a sexually seductive manner towards the adult male abuser and therefore the child too is partially responsible for causing an older or adult male to rape and/or sexually abuse her.  This myth serves to excuse and deflect accountability away from the perpetrator and at the same time feeds into the myth that female sexuality is inherently dangerous since it can cause males to lose control over their sexual feelings.  Therefore, according to this myth, female sexuality alone is responsible for males committing rape and sexual abuse and as such must always be controlled and policed, irrespective of whether or not the female is a child or an adult.  How males are socialised into believing that male heterosexuality gives them the right and entitlement of sexual access to any female in certain circumstances is considered irrelevant.


7 Responses to “Chess star told police of rape”

  1. There was a case maybe about 10 years ago of the sexual abuse of a young female child (I remember it for I was working as a sexual abuse counsellor at the time) where the Judge accused the child of acting “precocious” I cannot remember exact details but the girl was vastly under the age of consent and she was deemed “precocious” There was outcry at the time from sexual abuse agencies, but the damage was already done as the accused was given a much lighter sentence as it was deemed that in some way she had tempted him, and alas he could not help himself.
    When are men going to be held accountable for their actions. It is not exactly neuro-science.

  2. 2 Andrew

    When are men going to be held accountable for their actions? GOd, yesterday was way too late. Perhaps only when enough men have had enough of the old boy network, and stand up next to women and insist on the justice we are so famous for believing in….

  3. This cretin should be sentenced to death or atleast life in prison and no possibility of parole. His daughter is dead because of him and his perversion. And whoever that person is saying she had the power to resist him or tell him to stop is a dayumm idiot! SHE WAS 8, DAYUMMIT!!! And that was her father, you dont know what was going thru her lil head while all this madness was happening.

    I didnt see anything about the mother-where is/ she while all this is going on?

  4. Benzbaby, whilst I admire your enthusiasm(!) to make this bastard pay for his abhorrent abuse of his daughter, but bringing her mother into it (for partial blame sharing) is not right.

    These predatory scumbags usually ‘engineer’ situations to be alone with the child, and ALWAYS threaten the child with “if you tell anyone [usually including the other parent] … I will make you pay”. A threat like this after having just been through an ordeal, to a child that really does not have the life experience to judge how the world works, and whether or not ‘mother’ would really come to her (or his) aid, especially as most of the time, the parents are together on other parenting issues—any wonder that the child never tells.

    It is possible that the mother did not know of the abuse (but may have wondered why her daughter was perhaps withdrawn [my speculation] ). Or, it is entirely possible that Jessie’s mother was herself a victim of some form of domestic violence (either psychological/emotional or physical).

    I can say that there are reports that Jessie’s mother may face charges about threats to the scumbag—I have been meaning to follow this up, but it has been a busy time for me in the last two months.

    These threats against the scumbag indicate to me that 1) she believed Jessie was telling the truth and 2) that she herself suffered in some way at his controlling behaviour. And I might add 3), as if I needed any convincing, that he is guilty as fucking sin.

  5. Andrew, I must apologise that I haven’t responded to any of your comments at this blog (which has been inactive for a while). As I said above, the last few months have been a bit hectic one way or another.

    I wanted to thank you, that as a man, you can see through the media hype, and shared ‘man-ness’ and see that yes, men need to be vocal against the crimes against women and children. (Hopefully that does not come off as condescending, I really do mean it as a compliment)

    We have been getting mainly troll and MRA comments at this blog lately, which is probably another reason I have been neglecting it.

  6. I wanted to ‘share’ two troll comments to this post, from the same troll-idiot:

    frozenshellfish | | IP:
    Innocent of all charges. It’s a good job that unlike the good people here, the law courts still give people a fair trial before condemning them as guilty.

    Jan 3, 3:00 AM

    frozenshellfish | | IP:

    Allow the comment. Actually a better idea would be deleting the article entirely since the guy is innocent of all charges.

    Jan 7, 3:07 AM

    An English verdict of “Not guilty” does NOT mean he did NOT do it, or is innocent, either on this charge, or in many other categories of crime. I really do like the Scottish “Not Proven”, far more accurate.

    The fact that his ex-wife, the mother of Jessie, had threatened him, is defacto proof that he DID abuse his daughter, and that his ex-wife believed her.

    And the reason I published your email address and IP?
    The aggressive: “Allow the comment.”

    Male bullying and threats are not tolerated here—we (women) get enough of that out in the real world.

    If I believed that Gilbert was innocent, I would have said so. I don’t believe he is innocent, there are too many indicators that say, even not PROVEN in a court, that he is guilty.

    Regardless that you may think I am automatically some kind of ‘man hater’, that term is a man’s term, not mine. The majority of violence and sexual assault against women and children is committed by MEN that they know. This is fact. With the exception of warzones, where it becomes ‘open season’ for sexual violence from all sides.

    When the conviction rate for rape or domestic violence rises significantly above the current 6% level (as in, if it were actually the minority of reported cases that resulted in ‘not guilty’ rather than the 94-95%) then you can spout off about this guy’s possible innocence. Until then, crawl back into your MRA hole.

    The 5-6% attrition rate on DV/rape convictions? A UK Government Home Office statistic, so choke on it.

  1. 1 Connie’s Coffee Talk

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