Stab attack left woman crippled


Stab attack left woman crippled
Friday, 12 October 2007, 18:02 GMT 19:02 UKA man has been jailed for attacking his girlfriend so violently she is now paralysed and in a wheelchair.

Adela Svobodoki still needs specialist treatment more than five months after she was stabbed twice by Lee Bellusci.

Northampton Crown Court heard Bellusci, of Ardington Street, Northampton, was jealous and he attacked the 24-year-old in a row in Abingdon Park.

Bellusci, 22, was jailed for five years, after admitting causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

During the row she was stabbed twice in the back, one blow nearly severing her spinal cord.

Explosive relationship

Bellusci then kicked her in the back as she lay on the ground, said Rob Pettit, prosecuting.

One witness described seeing Bellusci “using all his force, bringing his arms down” on Miss Svobodoki.

“As a result she is paralysed and has spent the rest of the time at Stoke Mandeville hospital being rehabilitated,” Mr Pettit added.

Judge Peter Morrell said Bellusci, a fork-lift truck drive, was not a danger to the public and that a life sentence would be inappropriate.

He said he had been presented with a report from the hospital, but added: “It may never be a full recovery but at least she might not be permanently paralysed.”

Richard Holloway, defending, told the court the couple’s relationship was explosive.

“An argument arose which was effectively over jealousy,” he said.

“Of course he did not mean the result – he hopes and prays that she is restored to full health.”



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