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SurreyOnline (29 Nov 2006): JAILED OVER CHILD PORN IMAGES ONE of the world’s leading astronomers has been jailed for 15 months after downloading more than half a million indecent images of children from the internet. Advertisements

The chairman of a board of governors at a Devon school has resigned after being charged with the rape of a child under 13 and child pornography offences.

Crown Prosecutor Dorian Lovell-Pank when detailing the events of the first time Ian Gilbert allegedly raped his daughter, Jessie Gilbert, said ‘she did not consent.  She was scared.  She pretended it wasn’t happening.’   Ian Gilbert is alleged to have raped and sexually abused Jessie Gilbert for five years.  Gilbert allegedly first raped Jessie when she was […]

I have been running a short series on the hundreds of women sexually tortured, mutilated and murdered in Guatemala. I have decided to post the story of Manuela Sac Haz on to ‘A speak out of male violence’ instead of my personal blog. *Warning triggering content* In Guatemala an average of 10 women are being […]

In a thread discussing the recent school shooting of 10 Amish schoolgirls, Heart at Women’s Space/The Margins has written a brilliant comment regarding the war of terror on women. I don’t think men have to be conscious, intentional misogynists in order to terrorize women. In fact, I think there are very few Marc Lepines– men […]

So you don’t believe me? Check out Amananta’s latest post on her blog “How long before they admit it“. It is a brilliant post cataloguing just one month’s crimes against women – and these were just the ‘newsworthy’ ones. Of my favourite comments so far, from angryandqueer, was: “You know, one aspect of this that […]

Events in Sussex last year in which Jane Longhurst tragically and horrifically threw the spotlight on another form of extreme material on the internet — violent pornography in which children and women are depicted as the victims of rape, torture and asphyxiation. There has been remarkable progress in a comparatively short period, as politicians and […]

Over at the Den of the Biting Beaver, read BB’s account of the soul-destroying reality of survivors of childhood rape, in her post Firewalking.

“Agent Witchy-Woo‘s” recent submission about the two teenage boys assaulting the 21yo woman got me thinking. There seem to be more and more teenage boys committing rape and sexual assault, although most of the time, it is on young(er) girls. Of course these teen rapes have happened in the past, but they seem to becoming […]

A deputy headteacher who had sex with two vulnerable teenage pupils after posing as their mentor was yesterday jailed for five years and three months. Stephen Brenchley, “targeted and groomed” the girls, the youngest of whom was 13, during a time when both were having problems at home, Norwich crown court heard.