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From The BBC (07 Dec 2006): ‘SEXUAL PREDATOR’ JAILED FOR LIFE   A convicted serial rapist who was out on licence after serving 10 years in prison, has been sentenced to life for raping a teenage girl. Richard Ewing, aged 41, originally from Devon, pleaded guilty to five charges over the attack on the 17-year-old […]

I have been running a short series on the hundreds of women sexually tortured, mutilated and murdered in Guatemala. I have decided to post the story of Manuela Sac Haz on to ‘A speak out of male violence’ instead of my personal blog. *Warning triggering content* In Guatemala an average of 10 women are being […]

Today is Samhain. Heart has declared this a day of remembrance for all women who have been murdered, tortured, or persecuted, simply for being women. The charge against these women was Witchcraft. Little proof was ever needed to ‘prove’ the charge of witchcraft, and countless tens of thousands of women (and a few men) were […]

An essay by Jennifer (Truth About Rape Campaign) on why verbal coercion IS rape.

Welcome to new “Agent”WLNow, who has written this moving piece: As I sit in the library now, I’m watching a group of men huddle around a computer, clearly looking at pornographic pics. Remarks alternate between “she’s so young!” and “she’s an ugly bitch—could be my grandmother.” I have also heard them say “look at that […]

My Fear


Even though I am street-wise, and have had my share of fights, I fear rape. I have recently begun to think through all the self-regulating and risk-avoidance behaviour I and my female friends do in our everyday lives, to get to the true cause of what we are avoiding…

Fear of male sexual violence is deeply ingrained in the psyche of women. Women partake in rape-avoidance strategy behaviour, in their everyday lives. We get taxis to avoid walking home on our own, we walk the long route home, we walk home in groups, we get men to escort us home, we are chaperoned from […]