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SurreyOnline (29 Nov 2006): JAILED OVER CHILD PORN IMAGES ONE of the world’s leading astronomers has been jailed for 15 months after downloading more than half a million indecent images of children from the internet. Advertisements

The chairman of a board of governors at a Devon school has resigned after being charged with the rape of a child under 13 and child pornography offences.

Events in Sussex last year in which Jane Longhurst tragically and horrifically threw the spotlight on another form of extreme material on the internet — violent pornography in which children and women are depicted as the victims of rape, torture and asphyxiation. There has been remarkable progress in a comparatively short period, as politicians and […]

Welcome to new “Agent”WLNow, who has written this moving piece: As I sit in the library now, I’m watching a group of men huddle around a computer, clearly looking at pornographic pics. Remarks alternate between “she’s so young!” and “she’s an ugly bitch—could be my grandmother.” I have also heard them say “look at that […]