Commenting – please read

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of spam (and a few persistent trolls), this blog will now require all commenters to have a WordPress account and be logged in, in order to comment on this blog. We apologise for the incovenience, but the inconsiderate MANY make it difficult for the intelligent FEW.

Thanks to Stormy for the following instructions.

If you have a slow connection, I have made a PDF of the instructions:

Otherwise, view instructions here below:

Go to WordPress

NOTE: If you automatically block cookies, you will need these enabled for Check this before you begin.


Click on “Get a WordPress Blog now”

* * *


Think up a username. This has to be unique.

You need to read and agree to the terms of service. Thereafter, you have two choices:
Gimme a blog!
Just a username, please.

If you choose the “just a username” option, you cannot choose a different display name, nor can you pick your own password. So even if you don’t plan to have your own blog, go for the first option because of the nifty extras (like picking own password, different display name, and adding profile picture).

* * *


The default of the blog URL will be your You can either accept the default blog URL, or pick another one (which will need to be unique). The blog title is optional, you can leave it blank. If you are not going to use your blog, uncheck the box at the bottom.

You will then get a confirmation screen showing the URL of the blog, and the email address that the password will be sent to.

Click on the activate link in the email.

* * *


Choose Login

And this will take you back to the login screen.

* * *


Your password will be sent in a second email. Login in using the assigned password.
Ticking the Remember me option will keep you logged in on the computer you are using.

* * *


At the top of the screen is a blue/green band. My Account has a pull down menu, choose Edit Profile.

* * *

Scroll down on the Edit Profile page:

Where it says Nickname this is your display name. The default is your username. Type in something else if you wish, and hit enter.

* * *


You will now have this new Nickname/Displayname available in the pull down menu.
Select it, and save profile (bottom of screen).
You may also select a new password before saving your profile changes.




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