We would love to hear from you!

  • Send us copies of newspaper cuttings and links, of male sexual violence, abuse and harrassment.
  • Share with us your fears, experiences and ideas.
  • Or even if you would like to write a piece for this blog.

For all submissions – please use the ‘Comments’ link (below) to this post, and we will email you back. The comments left here will NOT be published, nor will your details be made public.

Any trolls leaving comments here (yes, they ARE stupid enough) will automatically be passed over to Trollbuster who will gladly publish your details – but not your words.

Please note that now you will need a WordPress account in order to comment or leave a message for the blog. Please see the Commenting page for details.


2 Responses to “Contributions”


    This is what’s going on in Seattle, where I live. I did notice that the article doesn’t make much mention of the incredible demand of men to pay for sex with young girls…it seems like it’s all the fault of the pimps and low self esteem on the part of the girls. Nevertheless, it is important. People think it doesn’t happen here, that we are so enlightened and civilized here in Seattle, but it’s crap.

    Hope you will use this.

  2. 2 Andrew

    Wow! what a great paragraph! The one you threatened to amend to any troll’s posting. That just about said it all. Superior intellect indeed! Keep fighting!

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