Troll Policy

This blog is a woman-friendly place.

Men are certainly welcomed to comment, as long as they are sympathetic to the plight of women in this society.

Trolls (and abusive behaviour) will not be tolerated.

***Any overtly abusive/threatening/hate comments will be passed straight onto Trollbuster – who will likely publish your email address, IP address, and any other personal information she wishes***

We take this stance, not because we are ‘afraid’ of people (men particularly) that disagree with us – as we radfems can certainly debunk all of the unoriginal pro-porn arguments – but mainly because Trolls derail any indepth dialogue. And quite frankly, it is a waste of our time, especially going over the same ‘arguments’, or just to get into mindless ‘debate’ (usually over semantics).

Therefore, this site moderates the comments.

To any Troll that bothers to infiltrate this space, YOUR words will NOT be published. Instead, your words may be ‘amended’ to the following or similar sentiment:

“I would like to thank Charliegrrl, Jennifer, Laura, SparkleMatrix and Stormcloud for pointing out what a jerk I have been. I have learnt my lesson, and bow to their superior intellect. I realise now that pornography harms women and encourages violence towards them, and I must personally apologise to all women for my use of pornography over the years. I see that the male orgasm is not the most important thing in the world, and that women should not have to suffer in the making of material that I wank to. I further realise the damage that it has done to me, and those around me. Certainly, my inferiority complex had not been helped by continually seeing penises that are much larger than average, or that when I tried to use my-penis-as-weapon (and it didn’t work), just made me feel more inadequate. This feeling of inadequacy made me lash out at the really nice women on this blog. I am really sorry for being a troll and promise that I won’t do it again.”

Of course, if we have time or can be bothered, we may make up an equally amusing (to our readers) amendment to attempted Troll postings. The other reason we have the amendment policy is because, in pornography women’s words are twisted and distorted, and it is simply a matter of turning the tables.

This in no way actually hampers the ‘free-speech’ argument ALWAYS put forward by our Trolls. You have many opportunities to express your misogynistic views on pro-pornstitution blogs, where your inane viewpoints will no doubt be welcomed. But here; NOT. Get over it.

Nor bother sending us any of your hate-mail. What you don’t realise, Mr. Troll, is that your ‘power base’ of male privilege ONLY comes from your greater physical strength, and you have bought into the myth that male power is about superior intellect. Sadly for you, you inadequate creep, your misogynistic threats don’t carry the same weight here in cyberspace. Added to that is, feminists, particularly radfems, don’t scare easy.

An additional disclaimer is that most of the contributors are not necessarily anti-man, but are all pro-woman. Even the notorious ‘man-hating’ Stormcloud, likes about 5% (of men), tolerates 5-10% and distrusts the remainder. It is men’s violence against women that is intolerable to ALL of us here.


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